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Painting Classroom Tables!

So in order to have tables in my classroom I had to take whatever I could get my hands on. Therefore I had tables with three different colors. So it looked like this:

I forgot to take a picture before I carried the tables outside. 
Last year I covered all my tables with contact paper, but by December my tables looked terrible. My students picked at it so much. So I decided to try to paint my tables in order to have them all match. I painted my tables with spray paint made for plastic, vinyl and metal. You can find it at Wal-mart for about 4.00 a can. 

I had to spray them once and then come back and do another coat. The lighter tables were much easier to paint, but they look great now. I don’t have all the tables put into place, but I took a picture of one to show you how great they look. When I have all my tables in place I will take a picture and post.

I have a goal of having my class ready by the end of June, so I can focus on family and Common Core training in July. I’ll post pictures of my process.

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