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Common Core District Meeting

               I was really excited a few weeks ago when the Elementary Supervisor asked me to join the common core district team. Basically, we will be attending all the state training on implementing common core in our district. Our district was chosen to conduct a pilot program for the 2012-2013 school year. I believe it will help our teachers get ready for 2013-2014 school year when we teach all common core. My main job on this committee is to:
  • Find and create resources for ELA teachers grade 3-6
  • Provide feedback to the state on implementing the pilot in my classroom
  • Provide in-services for ELA teachers grade 3-6
              Lucky for all my blog readers I will also be sharing the resources that I find and create. The first differences between most of our current standards and the common core is the shift from text-to-self question to text-to-text questions. To help teachers create more text-based questions I found a great guide online. Click here to get the guide. I hope this is helpful guide. Also, if you have any questions please post them. I will have the chance to ask these questions and get answers from our state common core trainers.
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