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My Take On Homework with a Freebie and Don't Forget the Giveaway!


        I have seen quite a few posts on homework, so I thought I would add my two cents. I assign homework Monday-Thursday. Each night I send home a short passage with three to four questions. The students must read the story, answer the questions, and then find proof or give a reason as to why and how they answered each question. Each class period enters the room and has their homework out on their desk when the bell rings (in my perfect world). If a student does not have their homework they fill out an excuse slip (click here to get my slips). They are not allowed to come up to me and tell me why they do not have it. This saves class time and prevents an argument. The student then gets a copy from the homework bin and checks the homework with us as a class. I keep all of the homework slips as well as record the slips for the students homework grade. The slips are good to have when a student or parent has a question about missing homework assignments.  Each missing assignments is three points deducted from their homework grade. Also, students that complete all of their homework for the six weeks receive a comfy chair pass. The comfy chair pass is for a cute purple chair that all of the students love sitting in. They earn the right to sit in the chair for the entire class. I would love to hear about how you do homework in your classrooms!

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